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Advantage Environmental Lighting
Advantage is committed to providing the highest quality lighting products available. Engineerd and manufactured in Fort Worth, TX, our main goal is to create beautifully engineered, energy efficient, and environmentally conscious lighting products for commercial and industrial applications.
Atlantic Containment ASTs
Atlantic Containment offers above ground tank options for your containment needs, producing steel tanks up to 5,000 gallons. From our industry leading benchtop and lube station tanks, to our UL142 rectangular and cylindrical tanks, we carry a wide arrange of products to meet your containment needs. We are pleased to quote and build custom tanks offering rectangular, cylindrical, catwalk, generator designs and more.
Fiberglass Tank Solutions
Fiberglass Tank Solution’s products include underground and above ground storage tanks along with large diameter custom wet wells, wet well rehabilitation inserts, and custom valve vaults. Our family of products are sold into the municipal, industrial, and commercial markets. FTS tanks and wet wells are built to exceed industry standards, while providing additional custom kit-up and features.
For over 50-years, Fill-Rite, also known as the "Little Red Pump", has been the market leader in fuel transfer pumps. Today, Fill-Rite continues to lead the market with new and innovative products such as the industries first continuous-duty high-flow DC transfer pump. In addition, Fill-Rite offers complete cabinet systems and solutions for DEF and light chemical applications.
LSI Industries
LSI has been the indisputable leader in providing innovative lighting and graphic solutions to the retail petroleum/c-store & petroleum fleet market for over 50 years. LSI's core strategy of "Lighting + Graphics + Technology = Complete Image Solutions" combined with high-quality Made-in-USA products differentiates us from our competitors.
Nationwide Tanks
Nationwide’s fiberglass underground fuel tanks are the strongest, most corrosion resistant tanks in the market today, meeting the stringent requirements of the UL 1316 Third Edition. Our tanks are compatible with all standard grades petroleum gasolines, ethanol blended fuels, biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.
OMNTEC® Mfg., Inc., is an Internationally recognized manufacturer of leak detection and gauging products for the petroleum industry. From a basic liquid level alarm panel to a color-screen real-time tank monitor, Omntec has a cost-effective solution to meet your application and budget.
Rugid Guard is a nation-wide industrial coatings company that specializes in protecting and preserving your investments. Rugid Guard will repair the concrete and metal needs of your fuel islands and store curbing. We will apply our specially formulated coating - completely encapsulating and protecting the entire island! Our system is UV stable, impervious to salts and petro chemicals, all backed with a 5 year warranty.
Western Fiberglass
Western Fiberglass specializes in high technology FRP fabrication and custom fiberglass manufacturing. We have an extensive background in products for fluid and hazardous materials handling including piping systems, petroleum equipment and fluid containment. Western Fiberglass provides full design and fabrication capabilities, as well as installation and technical training. Founded in 1982, we are a family owned and operated California Corporation headquartered in Santa Rosa, California.
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Fill-Rite Fuel Management Systems
Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System (FMS) combines hardware, a mobile application, and web portal to give you real-time control over your fuel. Enabling you with a web-based application to access your information anywhere at any time, with robust tracking tools to identify and stop theft, automated tax refunds for off-road fuel use, customizable and automated reports, and an expandable module set up, Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System is the last FMS you’ll ever need.
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For over 40 years IRPCO as been a leading manufacturer of petroleum dispensing hoses and fittings. We stock a variety of hose choices, cut couple, test, assemble and provide the quickest delivery in the industry. Our strict quality control standards and systems in place to ensure that our products always perform to the specification requirements.
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Pothole Bind
Pothole Bind™ is an innovative mix of select binders and aggregate for permament asphalt and concrete repairs. These specific binders were chosen for their water resistance, strength, adhesive, flexion and curing time characteristics. When mixed with water, these ingredients produce a product that has superior binding power, unmatchable rapid strength and flexes with Geo-thermal expansion.
Universal Valve
For over 85-years, Universal Valve has manufactured service station valves and fittings, manholes, environmental products, spill containment and above ground tank fittings. In addition, Universal offers Island Forms, Pipe Guards & Bollards, Signage and Air Towers. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA.
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Rugid Guard
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